The man had allegedly refused the young man’s services, prompting the fight that didn’t end very well for the driver who ended up knocked out within seconds.

A young windshield wiper and an older man were the protagonists of a pitched fight in the middle of the street after the first got upset because the driver did not allow him to clean the glass of his car, which caused an intense dispute between them that ended with the man in the shirt knocked out on the ground.

This unusual event occurred a couple of days ago at the intersection of the streets of Quintana Roo and Náinari, in the city of Obregón, Sonora, where some pedestrians stopped to record the fight between the two men, which was uploaded to the networks social networks and in just a few hours it became a trend among Internet users.

In the video that lasts a little more than a minute, you can see how the man in the white shirt gets out of his car and leaves it in the middle of the road to face the boy who did not think twice and took off. his shirt to fight him.

As can be seen in the images, both of them throw several blows that do not seriously injure any of them while in the distance the voice of a woman is heard shouting ‘talk to the police, and seconds later a minor along with a woman approaches to try to separate them in vain since they were in the middle of a heated discussion.

The young windshield wiper never left his guard pose and in just a few moments he launched himself against the older man, who he gave a couple of direct blows to the face and it was with the last of these punches that he manages to knock out the man who without delay falls to the ground on my knees.

Immediately, the man tries to rejoin without success, which caused the concern of the young man who quickly approached him and extended his hand to help him up. And after a handshake, the boy took his belongings from the ground and crossed the street to meet his companions while the man staggered to his car.

This recording caused such a commotion among the users that some of them dared to label the former boxer Jorge ‘Travieso’ Arce and ask him what he thought about the fight that could be observed in the video, to which he replied that they were both to blame and the reason at the same time pointing out the little tolerance of both.

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