The 22-year-old man convinced three members of his church to dig his grave and bury him alive, promising that he would rise again three days later as Jesus Christ ‘did’

A 22-year-old man was found dead after being buried alive to try to reproduce a miraculous resurrection after three days, just as Jesus Christ did. This fact has shocked the local media that do not explain how their parishioners agreed with this unusual situation.

James Sakara, was an African pastor of a Christian church in Africa, who managed to convince three members of his parish to dig a shallow well and bury him alive, promising them that he would resurrect three days later as Jesus Christ ‘did’, however, The young man asked them to also tie his hands to demonstrate his skills.

Convinced of his ability to flee from his tomb, the reverend explained to his parish that the scriptures quoted “the words of Jesus to his disciples, ‘do this in memory of me’, it referred to the resurrection and not just to drink came and crushed unleavened bread ”.

As expected, the three days passed and the reverend did not come out of the well, which caused concern among the members of his congregation, who immediately went to the place where he had been buried with the expectation of finding him alive and out of the grave.

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When his followers unearthed him, they found his bound lifeless body and tried in vain to revive him with some spiritual exercises, but Sakara had already been dead for a few days due to lack of air, causing confusion among the parishioners of Zion Church who were sure that could accomplish the miraculous feat.

After the unfortunate event was made known, the Zambian authorities filed charges against the three men who buried the pastor and so far have only managed to arrest one of them, since the other two members of the church decided to flee so as not to receive the conviction for the death of the reverend.

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