This piece is sold for up to 50 thousand pesos, we tell you what characteristics your 20 peso coin should have and get the most out of it

There is no doubt that technology, in addition to bringing us closer to each other through social networks, has also impacted the sales made by collectors, that is why we tell you in detail about this commemorative 20 peso coin for which could receive up to 50 thousand.

And it is that there are all kinds of collectors of coins and bills, who are very careful to continue expanding their catalog, so it is important to know the value of certain objects in order to take advantage of it since there are things that for some are garbage and for others, it is a gold mine.

It is nothing more and nothing less than a 20 peso coin that is sold for 50 thousand on some Internet sites, it was created to commemorate the 100 years of the Mexican Army in 2013 and continues to have commercial value, whether you want to pay with she the equivalent of those twenty pesos or receive a large sum of money to be in the market for 50 thousand.

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This exchange system is available on the Mercado Libre page, there is already someone that the store is for sale and claims to be in perfect condition, so its price is 50 thousand pesos, however, the seller has the option of purchase in months, in case you do not have to make the payment only once.

In a period of 12 months, you could pay 5,114 pesos for it every month, so it can even work as if you had an asset (such as a house) and put it up for rent and thus receive a monthly figure for a whole year.

So look well among your belongings in case you get to have that currency and thus sell it in such a tempting figure, here we tell you in detail the characteristics that the currency must meet to increase its value.

What characteristics should it have?

The 20 peso coin belongs to the C family of the year 2013, it has a diameter of 32.0 millimeters and a weight of 15.94 grams, it is made with cupro-nickel in the center and a bronze-aluminum alloy in the ring, information obtained from the Bank of Mexico.

On one side it has the silhouette of a military man wearing a helmet and has a legend on the top that says “100 years of the Mexican Army”, while on the bottom it says “100 years of loyalty”.

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In the ring appears the figure of 20 pesos and the year in which it was minted, 2013, in addition to the symbol of the Casa de Moneda. On the reverse is the National Shield and the inscription “United Mexican States.”

However, in order to put this 20 peso coin up for sale, it is important that you first take it to an expert in numismatics so that it has the relevant valuation, once you have it you can sell it on the Internet.

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