A man shot and killed a tourist who was having dinner with his family at a Miami Beach restaurant and who pounced on his 1-year-old son to protect him

Aman shot and killed a tourist who was having dinner with his family at a Miami Beach restaurant and who pounced on his 1-year-old son to protect him, authorities and a relative reported.

Tamarius Blair David Jr., 22, of Norcross, Georgia, confessed to killing Dustin Wakefield, 21, Tuesday night.

The subject claimed to have committed the crime “because he was drugged and felt invincible,” according to the police report.

David reportedly told police that he entered the La Cervecería restaurant around 6:30 p.m. and for no reason decided to shoot Wakefield, who had come from Castlerock, Colorado, to spend a vacation with his family.

Mike Wakefield, the victim’s uncle, told the Miami Herald that his nephew pounced on the little boy to protect him.

That guy walked into the restaurant with a gun, yelling that it’s time to die. He pointed at the boy and Dustin said ‘he is just a little boy,’ said Mike Wakefield, who clarified that he was not there but heard the version of other relatives.

Dustin stood up and got between the shooter and the baby and the guy shot him. He fell to the ground and he kept shooting, he added.

As for his nephew, who worked in construction, he stated:

“He was a good boy, he loved his family, he was delighted to be a father.”

David ran out of the restaurant and was caught in an alley. Video taken with a cell phone, obtained by the Herald, shows David lying on the floor on his back and smiling as the police approach him and shout that if he touches the gun they will shoot him.

David is seen curling up in a fetal position, then again laying on his back and yelling:

“I give up, I give up, I give up” as the police turn him face down to handcuff him. About three meters (10 feet) you can see the gun lying on the ground.

David is being held in the Miami-Dade jail, without bond. Prison records do not indicate whether you have an attorney who can speak on your behalf.

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