A man assaulted two people with acid at the Shirokane Takanawa subway station, fled the scene, and is wanted by the police

Japanese police today are looking for the perpetrator of an acid attack in the Tokyo subway that left two injured on Tuesday night, the same day as the opening of the Paralympic Games in the capital and despite the strong security measures deployed.

A 22-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman suffered burns caused by what Japanese police suspect was sulfuric acid at the Shirokane Takanawa subway station, located in a central residential neighborhood of the capital.

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The young man was directly attacked with acid and suffers severe burns to his face and one shoulder, while the woman suffers minor burns to her legs when she slipped and fell on the liquid spilled on the ground, according to the authorities.

The perpetrator, registered in the security cameras of the facilities, fled the scene after the attack and is a man 175 centimeters tall and between 30 and 50 years old who was dressed in black, with a cap and mask.

The attack took place around nine at night near the elevator inside the station, at the same time that the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games was taking place in the Olympic Stadium and amid strong security measures deployed throughout the city.

Police are now busy searching for the perpetrator of the attack, the second incident to occur on urban transport in the capital this month and during the Games, following the knife attack perpetrated by a man on a train that left ten people injured.

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