The Colombian authorities spoke words about the unfortunate tragedy, which is presumed to be associated with methane gas and possibly coal dust.

Twelve dead and one injured left an accidental explosion in an illegal coal mine in the Colombian department of Boyacá (center-east), authorities reported Tuesday.

The National Mining Agency (ANM) said in a statement that the accident occurred at the Carbonera mine and it is presumed that it was due to an “explosion associated with methane gas and possibly coal dust.”

The information adds that the rescued bodies are those of Gustavo Díaz, Emiliano González, Luis García and Germán Parra.

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Rescue teams are working to bring to the surface four more corpses of deceased miners that have already been located.

“At this time there is a report of one injured, four workers rescued without life, four workers found without life and in the process of rescue and four workers still missing,” states the information from the ANM.

The rescued miner, Daniel Rodríguez, “is fine,” the ANM explained in its statement.

The Tópaga Mayor’s Office, the Police, the Red Cross, the Civil Defense, and mining rescuers, among others, take part in the rescue work.

Additionally, the rescue team has worked on the installation of ventilation to improve atmospheric conditions and on search and rescue tasks with the support of respiratory equipment and equipment to supply oxygen.

Last March, 11 miners died in a sinkhole of an illegal gold mine in the department of Caldas.

The emergency occurred in a sector known as El Bosque in the municipality of Neira, in a gold mine that was operated illegally in a mountainous area and whose sinkhole was flooded by the increase in the flow of the Cauca River, the second-largest in Colombia.

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