An anonymous user offered on the ‘Mercado Libre’ platform the handkerchief that Messi used to dry his tears for a million dollars.

For a few weeks, the name of the Argentine star, Leonel Messi, has been on everyone’s lips due to his sudden departure from Futbol Club Barcelona after being one of its star players for around 21 years, that is why his emotional farewell did not take long to go around the world, where he could not help crying when he separated from the team that saw him grow up.

That moving day, the wife of the new Paris Saint Germain player, Antonella Roccurzo, upon seeing him with tears in his eyes in the middle of the press conference, handed him a tissue so he could dry his face, which went unnoticed by all the assistants until a few days ago.

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Apparently, a person who was that day in the 1899 Auditorium where the event was held to dismiss the footballer, picked up the handkerchief and took the opportunity to auction it on the internet, seeking to earn a few thousand dollars with this peculiar object.

The anonymous seller used the ‘Mercado Libre’ platform to offer it to all fans of the PSG striker for the exorbitant amount of one million dollars, where he placed a striking description that did not go unnoticed by web users.

“Wrinkled, but in good condition. Great opportunity to get Leo’s genetic material and clone it ”, was the curious text that accompanied the photograph of the small piece of paper that was supposedly used by Leonel Messi on the day of his farewell from Barça, however, this cannot be known with certainty.

As expected, thousands of Internet users began to spread the images of this impressive offer through digital platforms, turning this unusual fact into a trend, which has caused a wave of memes and many other auctions with other ‘Messi handkerchiefs’.

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