The accident occurred near the coast of Campeche less than two months after the fire in an underwater gas pipeline of the same complex

One person died, six were injured and five more are missing after a fire registered on Sunday on a maritime platform of Petróleos Mexicanos ( Pemex ), the state-owned company confirmed on Monday.

“The exhaustive search for the missing personnel continues, stabilizing the integrity of the facilities, as well as assessing the damage,” Pemex said in a statement.

The accident occurred at 20:10 GMT on Sunday at the E-Ku A2 Platform of the Ku-A Processing Center, located in the Campeche Sound.

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“We wholeheartedly hope that the wounded recover and those who are reported as missing appear,” said the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during his usual morning conference this Monday.

The oil company did not give details about the accident or the state of the injured but reported that it had initiated investigations and assured that the fire “was controlled” an hour after it started.

The valves were closed and the monitoring was carried out, waiting for the remainder to be consumed. In the same way, the Emergency Plan was activated, “he said.

The person who died is a Pemex worker, while the five disappeared worked for the companies COTEMAR and the Conditions and Integrity Monitoring Office, Pemex concluded.

The company added that it will carry out an investigation to determine the causes of the incident, which occurs less than two months after the fire in an underwater gas pipeline in the same Ku-Maloob-Zaap complex.

The fire that occurred in the gas pipeline in early July was attributed to electrical storms and the presence of gas on the surface of the sea. Pemex ruled out on that occasion that the incident had generated a fuel spill at sea.

A video of the gas pipeline fire was released on social networks in which three ships are seen trying to douse the flames that were generated in the middle of the ocean near the oil platform.

Greenpeace Mexico and Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg expressed concern about the gas pipeline fire in the Gulf of Mexico and warned of the risks that oil installations pose to the environment.

People in power call themselves ‘climate leaders’ as they open up new oil fields, pipelines, and coal-fired power plants, granting new oil licenses for the exploration of future excavation sites, ”Thunberg said referring to the incident, and He added that “this is the world they are leaving us.”

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