Lily Allen and David Harbor are one of the famous couples we hadn’t seen coming.

When they confirmed they were together a year ago, everyone was amazed because it was not clear how the paths of the British singer and the American actor of “Stranger Things” could have crossed.

Last September they got married and now the 35-year-old has finally taken away the whim of knowing how they met: through a dating app!

Lily Allen revealed this in an interview in the Sunday Times. He did not specify which app but it is rumored that it is Raya, a private dating app where you have to be invited to use it, which is why it would be frequented by many celebs.


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He then continued with their first date: ” We went to Wolseley, they are so chic! – he joked, mentioning the London luxury restaurant – There is this table in the middle that is under a clock and I remember looking at him and that reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. You know, when she’s about to meet him under the clock. ”

” But that was my first date ever. I was so anxious. He asked me: ‘Have you ever been here before?’. Me: ‘Yes, I love this place and my kids love the pancakes they make here’. And he: ‘Oh, do you have children? ‘.

But that the 45-year-old fell from the clouds was all tactical: ” He didn’t want me to think he’d googled me. So he lied .”

The artist also told of wanting to become a mother again, after Ethel of 8 and Marnie of 7 she had with ex Sam Cooper: ” Especially now that Marnie is getting so big. I say to myself: ‘Oh no, my girls’. I miss having small earthquakes running around the house. ”

But he will take it slow: ” Now I’m in a really good time. I don’t know if I want to mess with my hormones at this point .”

Finally, a fan of “Stranger Things” said, complimenting her husband for the role of Jim Hopper: ” It’s a fantastic series. He is fantastic. Well, I married him .”

Lily Allen and David Harbor said yes in Las Vegas, with an Elvis Presley impersonator officiating the ceremony and a reception at the fast-food restaurant.


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