The lie only lasted a few minutes before being refuted with evidence by one of his fans.

Kylie Jenner wanted to deceive her millions of followers with a lie that took only a few minutes to be denied by one of her fans.

The young and successful businesswoman had the idea of ​​launching this message on Twitter: “Last night I had cereal with milk. The first time I do it in my life ”, as he assures that the cereal had always been eaten dry.

This surprised his followers who immediately began to react. But it didn’t take long for one of them to tell her that this was a total lie and published a post that she had made in 2013, where she is eating a bowl of cereal with milk and fruit.

Her follower wrote: “Girl, you lie. You ate cereal with milk on April 25, 2013, and uploaded it to Instagram. “

Kylie preferred not to respond to such overwhelming evidence. What is not known is why he wanted to fool his fans with something so absurd and nonsensical, perhaps he did not have something more interesting to share.


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