This year Halloween will be very different, the global pandemic has canceled all kinds of parties, but that doesn’t have to take away all the excitement.

If in 2020 there is no point in planning an epic disguise, because there is nowhere to go to flaunt it, we can always make us smile again with something simple and sugary. Just like Margot Robbie did.

The gorgeous Australian actress posted an adorable selfie on Instagram showing off a sweet accessory: a candy necklace.


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A post shared by Margot Robbie (@margotrobbie) on Oct 20, 2020 at 8:08am PDT


The candy necklaces and bracelets are instant “trick or treating” and the nostalgia they evoke is almost better than their sugary taste.

Not only that, their “Instagram ability” makes them perfect for a post with a lot of Like.


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