Lili Reinhart is always incredibly honest when it comes to talking about her fight with cystic acne – and she did it this weekend too. The Riverdale actress shared an adorable selfie on her Instagram Stories: patches on her forehead to treat a couple of freshly popping pimples.

In the photo, which you can see taken from a fan account, Lili smiles with her eyes closed, her face resting on her hand like a loving cuddle:

” Cystic acne keeps me company this Saturday night, ” he wrote in the selfie.

Fans of the author of the poetry book Swimming Lessons know that this is not the first time she has spoken candidly about acne. The actress told  People that she finds it ” therapeutic ” to share photos of her pimples on social media because her fans remind her that she is not alone. ” It also shows people that it’s okay to have pimples, ” he said.

It goes without saying that we love Lili for being so honest and real about her skin, as she really is an amazing reminder that everyone has acne problems, even seemingly perfect celebrities.


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