Luciano Ligabue has decided to celebrate 30 years of career in the best way, that is with good music. To celebrate this important anniversary, the singer-songwriter and musician will release two new releases: on December 4th the album “7” will be released, consisting of 7 unreleased tracks, and the “77 + 7 ” collection with the 77 singles that have made the history of the Liga ( remastered in 2020) in addition to the 7 unreleased tracks. 

“As you can see, both of them have to do with a very important number for me, those who follow me also know the reasons – says the rocker from Correggio – one is a 7 because I realized that in the drawer I had 7 ideas for songs that I wanted to elaborate, so I rewrote and rearranged them together with good old Fabrizio Barbacci and this is a real unpublished album. Then I also realized that all the singles that have come out in this thirty-year are even 77, so we also release this box set which will be called 77 + 7 in which there are all the singles released during these 30 years plus this new album of unreleased. “

Below you can take a look at the tracklist of the new album “7”:

1. The girl of your dreams
2. I clean my heart
3. They say that
4. A minute ago
5. Human being
6. Today I lost my house keys
7. Like it or not


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