If you can believe it, which we can barely do, Kim Kardashian is officially 40. But with her first 40-year-old photo posted on Instagram, Ms. West is keen to remind everyone that she’s still the sexiest.

The look is truly a sight to behold, Kim is basically semi-nude, which shouldn’t come as a surprise at all if you keep up with her social posts: sheer silver lurex leggings and metallic bikini.

We love the pose to show off her stunning shapes, so spread out on a giant birthday cake.

Although this 40-year-old hottest look in the universe was clearly chosen to promote her new KKW Beauty “Opalescent” make-up collection, the result doesn’t change: Kim is sexier than ever.

The global pandemic forced Kim K to cancel the mega party for her 40th birthday she had already planned, but her sisters decided to throw her a more intimate surprise party. Here, we tell you everything.


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