Three things we know about Halsey: She always churns out blockbuster hits, constantly changes her hairstyle, and always adds new pieces to her tattoo collection.

Last week, the ” Manic ” singer revealed that she had shaved all her hair after growing it for a long time.

The new shaved style is awesome and has also given her a fantastic opportunity – her bare head is a perfect blank canvas for a new tattoo. So why not take advantage of it?


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On Sunday, October 25, Halsey shared a selfie on her Instagram Stories, where she showed fans a shiny new tattoo on the side of her head.

Part of her hair has been further shaved to allow tattoo artist Noah Lee, aka NAL, to ink the new tattoo: two four-pointed stars, one large and one small. They look like glitter emojis, right? And Halsey confirms this by writing in the photo:

“I finally made it, ” the enthusiastic phrase is followed by many ✨ emojis that the tattoo looks like.

We don’t know if the tattoo has a special meaning or if it’s just a design she likes, but in any case, it’s really cute.

It’s not the only new ink the 26-year-old shared last weekend. The pop star also added on her forearm an illustration of one of cartoonist Bjenny Montero’s characters with a comic that says ” I wonder if they’ll remember me “.

The new star tattoo will only be visible when Halsey has her head shaved and considering her sudden hairstyle changes, we don’t know how long we’ll be able to see it. But it’s nice to know that every time she shaves her hair, there will be an adorable drawing waiting for us.


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