The rapper has “very private and revealing” information on all family members, in case he needs to use it during his divorce.

Kanye West may be fine with the Kardashian family at this time, after various conflicts and erratic behaviors due to his bipolar disorder, but according to a source from The National Enquirer tabloid, the rapper has ‘protected’ himself by filming private family moments, to use against in case of divorce.

Kim Kardashian recently publicly asked her fans to sympathize with Kanye, who struggles with mental health, but the request was apparently ignored by the tabloids.

A source from the publication called the singer and candidate for the US presidency, “cunning and crazy”, as he has a “secret diary of divorce” that can shake his famous family.

“Deep down he knows that at any moment Kim may want to divorce him, so he began to collect humiliating details about the family to end them one day if they decide to do the same,” suggests the source.

The magazine further claims that West’s files reveal everything “that is real and everything that is false in Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and that includes the relationships of everyone from Tristan Thompson, Scott Disick, and Caitlyn Jenner.

“Kanye plans to reveal all the dark secrets of the family if someone cheats on him,” they say.


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