If Jennifer Lawrence could go back in time, there is something she would do differently: her bachelorette party.

The Oscar-winning actress told in the Absolutely Not podcast that in hindsight she would have organized a full-blown party: ” I had a super sleepover in my apartment, but I regret not planning a bachelorette party in style. “.

Not that she didn’t celebrate it, but the party wasn’t actually planned for her: ” A friend of mine was getting married on a date close to mine, I went to her bachelorette party and we’re done – typical of those born under the sign of Leo – to call it my bachelorette party “.

” It was the funniest weekend of my entire lifeI don’t know how she felt, but I had a lot of fun, ” she added jokingly.

Always with as much irony as it is in her style, Jennifer Lawrence told a couple of anecdotes in which she and her husband Cooke Maroney found themselves in the last period, between quarantine and bad mood due to the situation in the world: ” I think our lowest moment was when he tried to pick a three-hour black and white Japanese film. I said to him, ‘How dare you? ‘

And again: ” Cooke and I tried to play tennis the other day but I have a temper problem. We had the court booked for an hour but it lasted 15 minutes. I missed the ball and started hitting the ball. racket so strong “.

The actress and Cooke Maroney got married a year ago, in front of many stars.


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