Do you already know why  Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa chose to call themselves Blackpink?

The girls explained this in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel and it’s a name that paints them perfectly!

” We feel that they are the two colors that represent us most because we have a very feminine side but at the same time we are also very wild – said Rosé – We have a song called ‘Pretty Savage’, which is associated with ‘black and pink’, so we think it best describes us “.

They also talked about the title of their debut album ” The Album “, telling why they called it that: ” We had a few ideas but in the end, we knew our fans were waiting so long for our album that we decided to choose something that fully describes it. Blackpink: The Album sounds simple and straightforward. “

Jimmy Kimmel asked them about the collaboration with Cardi B: ” We always listen to her songs, we are big fans of her. When we heard she was going to be on our album we started screaming and jumping up and down, ” Jennie said.

And again, on the stars they met at Coachella where they performed last year, they were struck by one in particular: Jaden Smith!


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