Reverberation doubtless has essentially the most one among a form Ultimate in Overwatch, because it permits her to rework herself into a reproduction of whoever she focuses with it. As one would anticipate, the Ultimate at that time awards Echo everything of the capacities of the person she replicated, together with their Ultimate. What’s extra, this Ultimate — whereas within the arms of Echo — has an expanded charged charge.

On this, when Echo successfully duplicates any person, Overwatch really regards her as that legend. So she moreover will increase everything of the peculiarities the legend could have. For instance, a number of characters in Overwatch can assemble their Ultimate amidst enacting it. So when Echo duplicates them, she will be able to as effectively.

Basically, this suggests Echo can be part of two whacky attributes: her quickened charging of duplicated Ultimates, and the character idiosyncrasy of constructing a Ultimate whereas using it. The aftereffect of this unholy mixture permits Echo to conceivably wrench out a number of duplicated Ultimates with merely the enactment of her one.

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