Kartik Aryan has brought a new episode of his chat show Koki Askhega and this time they are talking about depression. In this episode, Kartik Aryan has spoken with psychiatrist Dr. Geeta Jayaram on issues of mental health and depression. In his show, Kartik discussed the depression with psychiatrist Dr. Geeta Jayaram of John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. This video has been shared by Kartik on his YouTube channel.

Kartik Aryan started the episode by saying that there is nothing wrong with spreading awareness. He talks about the importance of mental health. After this, he introduced Dr. Geeta Jayaram and told him that he would not use the D-word to call it Devdas. Dr. Geeta said on this that it is necessary to name the depression because it is necessary to talk about it and for that, it is also necessary to name the depression.

Kartik Aryan asked important questions

Kartik asked the psychiatrist Geeta the question, what are the real signs of depression. My friend says that beer cures depression. Is alcohol a real cure for depression? Is depression and suicide co-related? Kartik Aryan asked these questions not only for his understanding but also to ensure that the audience watching it could be aware of it.

The answer to all these questions, Dr. Geeta said that people have symptoms of depression like other diseases, not only we see them but also feel them. Being upset about your things, understanding that your family does not need you, and whatever is going bad because of you is a sign of depression. Depression and suicide are often linked together and to a large extent, these two are also connected. On the consumption of alcohol, Dr. Geeta said that there is no use, your drinking or taking drugs makes your disease worse.

Joking about marriage

Kartik also told Dr. Geeta Jayaram in the fun that when he is angry, his mother says that he should get married. He asked if this was correct? Dr. Geeta laughingly said that we Indians feel that marriage is the cure for everything, but it is not so.

Please tell that every time Kartik Aryan talks about a new topic in his show Koki Pahega. He promised to talk about depression and mental health during his #AskKartik session when he was asked to say something about Sushant Singh Rajput.

Talking about Kartik Aryan’s projects, he is going to be seen in Bhool Bhulaiya 2 and Dostana 2. There is no information about when the shooting of these films will start.



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