On many occasions, we have seen how ROMs became the best possible option for a device. Whether it was to unlock new features, update an outdated device, or simply change the look to pure Android, they still have value and relevance in the current era.

In the case of the Amazon Fire, applying a ROM offers the three advantages of a stroke, and it is that the 2018 model has received its first Android 10 ROM, a tablet that despite its low price and age continues to make war.

The Amazon Fire 8 of 2018 improves with Android 10

Despite being in love with the iPad, I also recognize some interest in the Amazon Fire. The 8-inch model is one of my favorites in particular, and you don’t expect it to work that well (given its laughable price).

This tablet offers just the right performance for basic applications, but the aspect that stands out the most is in its Fire OS customization layer, which has all of Amazon’s applications and services and lacks Google’s.

If you are looking for an experience closer to Android than you could have on a smartphone, the best option is to install a ROM, although it is a more complex process than installing Google Play and the rest of Google applications and services.

In the last days an unofficial ROM of Lineage OS has arrived, version 17.1 that offers all the news of Android 10 on your device. Installing it, on the other hand, is a process that requires knowledge and knowing how to follow the steps exactly as detailed in the guides.

If you have a 2018 8-inch Fire HD and want to get the most out of it with a ROM, we recommend going to the corresponding XDA Developers thread, always remembering that you are responsible for what happens on your device.


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