End of gamers’ dreams of the Renegade Emote, mostly known from TikTok.

There has been a lot of talks lately about the Renegade skin being free to claim in Fortnite for TikTok users. However, the information was so uncertain that we did not even write about it.

Now it turns out that it was a good decision. According to one of the known leakers with the nickname HYPEX, the dance emote is to be released on July 18.

Emotka Renegade w Fortnite

This emote is considered special for some reason. As a standard, there are videos on Youtube with the possibility of unlocking it for free, which of course is completely untrue. There are no codes or secret ways to emote.

According to leaks, Renegade will normally be brought into the store and will not be part of any major cooperation. Of course, this may change, also nothing is 100% certain on this topic yet.

Emotes typically cost between 200 and 800 V-Bucks depending on rarity. Leaks on June 30 said the Renegade would be rare emote, so players may have to pay 500 V-Bucks for it.


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