Epic games announced a new update, it seems to provide something great.

In the community, Fortnite is being repeated offers to create a something like Fortnite Classic, which is a version of the game, in that all of the withdrawals in the first year.

Today, the shop has got a lot of interesting topics, that is, a company with a preacher from one of the skins was the foundation of the theory is relatively true, a return to the past.

Epic prepares for a return to the past?

The “classic Fortnite” was added in the middle of the old places in different time periods. This is not about that, it’s great isn’t shown. The more that an advertisement for a new fur-Bananka. As noted by one of the users Reddita, with the nickname “Freeshwater,” on the reflection of the sunglasses, it can be seen that the setting of the sun.

And it seems that it should not be surprising to put, and it is the exact same that the players would be forgiven in the first chapter. The question as to whether this means anything in particular, or could this “easter egg”, or just coincidence.

So far, nothing on this topic, I can’t verify that. We have small tips, so that you may have, at some point, the players are going to dive into the first chapter of the game, or just one of the seasons of the year. Or will it be like this? Time will tell.


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