Epic Games has announced a new tournament Fortnite, which will be only for Android owners.

A Cup of Galaxy, which will be held 25 and 26 July, where they will have the chance to win the costume and the role of entertainment events before anyone else.

The official website States that the Cup Galaxy open to all players who are eligible for Android that can use a device that is compatible with Fortnite, and that the players must also enable authentication in two phases on account of “Epic”.

When designing the Galaxy Cup, the top players each day will have the opportunity to dress Spy Galaxy, and all the players who participated in at least five games, will get the paper Galaxy. In Latin America, the skin will be provided to 2,500 of the best players of the Cup.

And if they can’t participate, but they are interested in these accessories, cosmetics, says that they will be available in the store, objects below.

Can download Fortnite on Android-supported devices, and if you have a Samsung device you can download from the Galaxy Store.

Fortnite is available for free download with in-game purchases for consoles, PC and mobile devices.

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