A few years ago, we have already discussed that the Fish most probably will get a new style, or a brand new shell. And really, that’s what happened.

The new song of the Fish has to a certain extent, as detailed, in fact, the trailer for faux fur with Black Strips. Today, we know that the skin is really found in the archives of Fortnite.

The fish is, of course, one of the favorite skins from the Movie to the Games. Has already received more than a dozen different versions of it, and as you can see, the developers didn’t want to leave it at that.

The new song of the Fish in a Fortnite

Most likely, we are talking about кивнет, and it’s not the style that, in the context of the problem. Keep in mind that in the roll of skin was also a new pull-out.

When that’s the shield we’re going to see in the store? This question has no answer. It may be, to be in the moment, in the wind, as it made no sense at all realistic.

Before that in the uk, Fortnite, there are too many unexplainable mysteries, such as, for example, and maybe the return of heavy machine gun fire.

This was evident in the roll of the Black Streaks. Even that, however, it is not about the subject matter, there is no message.


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