Android It it a miniature version of Androidwhich is designed for mobile with the most basic and complement the light version of Google apps. Initially, the requirement of Google Android to install on mobile phones with 1 GB of RAM, but that could change before the end of the year.

Continued leakage, changes to the specification document Android. According to the latest version obtained from XDA, mobile phones with 2 GB of RAM or less, they will jump from Android It and not in the standard version, as well as those that have 512 MB of RAM can’t run the programming Google

Standard Android, starting with 2 GB of RAM

Sunny In Wiko Sunny3 with 512 MB of RAM

Google released Android as a lightweight operating system for mobile devices with 1 GB of RAM, although technically manufacturers you should not use Android It unlike the standard version. This should change, as Google wants to put the barrier of 2 GB of RAM.

At the beginning mobile phones with Android OS, 512 MB RAM can’t configure Google services, or with Android or without it. Although it seems a lot of RAM, ten years ago, not how they began, at least two terminals with 512 MB of RAM, the Wiko Sunny3 and BLU Advance L5.

Android: a great idea that turned into a dumping ground for outdated components

Google doesn’t want that continuing, at least not in those terminals that want to include their services. Now this prohibition begins with 11 Androidand these terminals ultrabásicos are rarely integrated with the latest version of Android, so you can still see some models with such characteristics.

Redmi9a Xiaomi Redmi 9A, with 2 GB of RAM

On the other hand, terminals with 2 GB of RAM or less, they will jump from Android Itso if Android 10 Android 11, since the last quarter of this year. It is quite common and only in 2020, we found out at least 26 models with 2 GB of RAMsome as popular as Xiaomi Redmi 9A.

This applies to new terminals, but those that have already been released do not get downgrade It to Android despite the presence of 2 GB of RAM. This means that if you buy the Xiaomi Redmi 9A what we have said above, Android MIUI 10 and 12, will be reduced to Android It.

As in the previous cases, these changes in the specification document Android are not final, so you always there is a possibility that changescorrections and omissions to the latest version.

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