In the middle of the last month of June, Google announced that the Meeting will be integrated into Gmail for mobile devices. After running this integration with iOS last week now it is the turn for Android users.

Gmail for Android is integrated with Google Meet in the new update. Starting today, this integration will come gradually, as for customers, G Flat, and the users personal accounts. Google says that the whole world will be enabled to Meet the integration with Gmail for 15 days.

Yes, it’s integration with Google to Meet with Gmail

Gmail for Android is enabled by default integration with Google videos Meet showing on the screen a map of the u new map Meet.

Bookmark Meet will display hours video opposite action for create a new term or to join an existing video connection enter the code of the meeting. This integration will no longer need to be installed Google Meet.

Gmail Meet

If we don’t like this integration, and we want to use Gmail for email and you don’t want an app with two tabs, we can remove the tab Meet from the application settings. It only needs to refer to Settingsto enter the settings for our Gmail account and disable the new option View tab Meet-for video calls that will appear in a new tab Meet.

Until the end of the year, also coming to Gmail for customers G Suite ” integration with Google Chat Rooms, but this integration will not happen for personal accounts.



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