Beauty regimen, the built-in camera mobile phone allows you to smooth skin, change the eye size, and even the geometry of the face. This feature is built in to a greater or lesser extent on the cell phone (depending on manufacturer), creates when viewing photos that remain include not only when using the camera, as well as during use of other apps that make use of the camera. But apparently this may change in Android 11.

According to amendments proposed in document compatibility with Android 11 that have been analyzed and shared Mishaal Rahman Xdavelopers, Google will evaluate to assume that mobile phone manufacturers can send the API the Android camera photos, processed in the mode of beauty. This means that this parameter cannot be built into the camera app and, as a consequence, once activated, will not be replicated to all other applications that use this resource as, for example, it can be a service connection video.

Apparently, some manufacturers to process pictures using the beauty regimen, even if this option is disabled. To prevent this, do occur, will prohibit the use of this function in the process photos.

“This means that all images, by default, has no face, changed but still can make it in the publication. Thus, the disabling of beauty * really * this will disable” – writes Rachman in his Twitter account.

This does not mean that you need to prevent beauty regimen as such, but trying to avoid the built-in phone camera. So, if you want to make a photo mode will be what to choose in the camera app, but this choice does not apply if the camera is used in another application.

Otherwise, you might think that the proposal he tries to avoid his goal of naturalization edit the pictures using filters. However, it should be noted that this change is a proposal that has not yet proven to be amended.

3 important news that come from the hands of Android 11

June 10, Google officially released the first beta version of Android 11, the release of a new version of its mobile operating system, where you can see new items that will come in the final version.

1. Notice

All conversations will be a section in the notification bar to make them easier to see, respond to, and manage them all from one place. You can choose priority and set them according to their relevance. These lectures, it is also important can be shown on the lock screen, and to generate notifications, even when enabled “do not disturb”. In turn, Android 11 lets you turn off notifications in the mode grabás video.


2. Screen recording

In the end, Android 11 the amount of the option “Record the screen” (Screen Record). Still, this tool is not part of the operating system: some users could approach her, if you thought a mobile phone of any brand like Samsung, which adds a tool for configuring software for their devices. But that’s not an option built into Android that in many cases the only alternative to record the screen to install the app, but it was completed with the help of this tool.



Android 11, and will recognize those applications that are not used for a long time and “auto-restart” all right, not to continue the access to this data until, until the user otorgarlos again.


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