If we are talking about recovery mode for Android, two names that come to mind is CWM, TWRP and classic, the most popular today. Last open sourcefor not enough Forks or modes of recovery based on TWRP, but to watch custom recovery created from scratch this is the most unusual to date.

This is just speculation, Pterodon Recovery Project (new project recovery mode, the developer created RedWolf Recovery Project although still in the development stage, stands out for its design looks like a normal application.

New Recovery mode

The main focus of Pterodon Recovery to use bookstore libaromathis same power popular installer AROMA included in some distributions of DISKS. This library is the ability to create recovery mode a lot of questions that await you in a simple application and similar appearance.

What is TWRP, how can I install and what is this

As for its features such as Recovery mode, you can count on the basic package, as the power install DISK to do a system backup or delete datacombined added I wonder how the file Manager, the MTP connection to a PC or terminal.


Pterodon Recovery includes several features curiousto configure the interface, and the terminal notch, the ability to put the mobile to sleep with a double tap or activate the flashlight in the terminal when you press and hold the power button. In addition, its interface is much more customizable than other modes of recovery, there.

Pterodon Recovery at the moment is still in the development oftherefore, some functions not yet available, such as partition Manager, and others contain errors. In any case, if it is still being developed, is presented as a good alternative for TWRP flashed in the ROM in 2020 and in the future.

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