In 2018, Epic Games, has been the state of the respondent’s creators PUBG-to-copy ideas. Today’s paper].

Epic Games, which, in the opinion of many people, it will be copied and still copy some ideas from other games. In the meantime, the players found that the creators of PUBG Mobile-enabled click-in nose, and and make-up is one of the reasons for Fortnite.

Here is the graph of y-2, chapter-that is, to say the least, reminiscent of the one that is used by them, in fact, is the announcement of a new card is inserted in the PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile zagapiło in a Fortnite?

Remember that in chapter 2 in a Fortnite brought about a change in the map, and the top skin. All is not well on the charts, which was leaked shortly before the beginning of the chapter.

And now, PUBG Mobile, to present his new map called Libik.

Nothing to remember? Many of the players in ri that PUBG to play, despite the fact that, after all, and in all cases it ended peacefully, and in the studio, and make up a version of the app doesn’t have a lot to do with the year is 2018, and the struggle between Epic Games, at the Bluehole.

Officially, there is no information on the cause of action, or, at the very least, a response from Epic Games. Although the issue has not been raised, none of the studio.


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