In the past few days, many people are talking about the females shaking their heads to a Galaxy. There came a sad news for the people of Poland.

By releases, 25, and 26 of July in Fortnite will be a special tournament in which it will be possible to unlock the female cover of the Galaxy.

It turns out, though, that in spite of the launch of the special promotion page at the mention of the devices that you will be able to participate in the event, and was accompanied, probably, has been excluded from a number of Countries, odjętych promotion. It is not yet, for a time, and you have to come at this with disdain. The information comes from a department of technical support of the brand.

Poland, without the skin?

As it has a Small chat with the support of Samsung, it has been found that the offer is valid only for devices purchased in the united states.

You can’t come to terms with it is very cool, because it is the company’s support is repeatedly wrong, but the truth is, if Samsung is right, then no single country outside of the united states does not have a female skina Galaxy.

“Oh, we will, of course, to watch it, because it’s still all you can. Even that, it seems that Poland, and other countries outside of the united states did not have the chance to take part in the tournament, “Galaxy Cup”. This plan shall be held in 25th-26th of July, in the year 2020.

On to the action, yet it is well-known by just a few people. There is no information on how to unlock the feminine in the Galaxy, who are caught up in the actions, or in general, how it will look. Finally, under the question, is it worth it, also the appearance of the skins until all of the charts, including that one, including a newsie is just a concept.


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