The players have noticed that the new trailer of skins, and ‘Captain America’, includes the very interesting “the secret”.

Epic Games is, at times, contrabandeia of different things in the trailers and previews. At this time, the community is not so much seen on the new site, which is a different version of the card.

This report will be introduced? This can be accomplished, a project, or something else?

A mysterious map in the trailer of ‘Captain America’

The output of the ‘Captain America’ appeared in the trailer. The first character sits down, and then you look at the whole of the island. The problem with that is that it is not present on the island, and, in at least some of the items are not the same.

Some of the see here on Atlantis, the other you see the old posts. Or is it still worth it, in fact, hold on to that much weight? Epic at times, create a different version of the islands, to meet the needs of the movie trailers or even your own images.

We have, for example, is already in the past, when the trailer they were the mysterious mountains, the islands, and even entire sites. These, however, are almost never tested with that which we have in the game.

So does that mean that it is specifically adapted to the map just for the trailer? It is possible for it to be that way. Possibly, this is one of the versions of the island that has been changed in a couple of months ago. In the trailer, such as for the delivery of the skins, and it is, of course, that was fixed a long time ago.


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