It seems that the Dragon – man, who was the author of the recent leaks.

Almost all of the important information about this season of got before you start. The flood maps, skins, in the book, even to the space, and mechanical engineering. All of this was known prior to the start of the season.

Now, the leakage of the season, but the action of the Epic Games against, probably, the testator, who should be responsible for the provision of information.

A cause of action against the person who conveys the information

In исковом statement to nick, “Independent”, that is to say, the person who is responsible for playing the trial version. It is not known exactly how many will be добивалось Epic Games, for the dissemination of information is key, and that, in theory, you could take it to the developer of a major loss. So wizerunkowe, such as financial.

It is not known how the action has dropped in the network, and if it is reliable. It shows, however, that the Dragon is very satisfied with the monitoring of the entities within the confidentiality of the information. This is a good example.

Please remember that prior to the 2-head have emerged all over the map. So, they thought that it was a scam, and it is also were the images of the test session.


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