A Tech demo of the Unreal Engine, the 5-obciążało video card, such as… Fortnite

A Tech demo of the Unreal Engine, the 5 looks cool. It turns out that in a particular proceeding, it was not the same as what they require.

The new generation of consoles, it’s the new graphics engines. Unreal Engine 5 and it is a true nextgen engine and you are presented with the material on display comes as no surprise now-a-days. Now it has appeared on the subject, I’m sure it’s interesting.

Once again, please take a look at the Unreal Engine, the 5-on-action. The look of the site far exceeds what is possible to achieve on the current consoles, even the versions for the PlayStation 4 Is Pro, or an Xbox Series, X.

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It is, however, that may come as a surprise is that, in the case of a load on the GPU for the calculations, are responsible for an error in the calculation, and geometry, we talk about the “effort” is the level of… Fortnite. Objects are incredible in the Unreal Engine, the 5 have the same charge, as in the famous ” battle royale, Epic Games.

About what are the settings for Fortnite, we’re talking about? Here it is stated that with the release of Fortnite, running at 60 frames-per-second, but… pad. It is, of course, and in the other calculations, more so on the GPU, but it’s the Unreal Engine, a 5 shows that the new generation of graphics engines, it can offer side-effects for a relatively small amount of load on the device.


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