Xiaomi launches the beta version of MIUI Android 12, 11 for My 10 and My 10 Pro in China

MIUI 12 already free for some phones on the international level as Xiaomi and Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, but the Chinese company continues to operate in the environment, which means that the new operating system. Recall that in every version of MIUI is not tied to only one version of the Android operating system, and Xiaomi is already preparing the new Android 11that is in a beta-testing official from Google.

12 MIUI, Xiaomi now produces for their Android phone 10 internally, My 10 and My 10 Pro they enjoyed previously. Now comes the turn beta, and beta has recently been released by the company China requires Android 11 already under MIUIin contrast to prior that included only Android AOSP.

12 MIUI is in beta, but with the Android system, 11 on Board

As is usually the case with Xiaomi, in the beta-layer are removed initially in the house. China is a country that in those moments, you can already use this beta version 12 MIUI for Xiaomi and Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro on Board Android 11, not 10 Android fronts, which is accompanied by MIUI 12, for example, when delivering Xiaomi Mi 9.

Perhaps, however, download the beta version outside of China, as the local version of MIUI includes both Chinese language to English in the middle. Yes, you lamp ROM using TWRP and other instruments, and we are not inclined to recommend to do it. Especially because this is a beta, after all, international in a few days or weeks, if all goes well.

According to the data collected in XDA Developers beta, Android MIUI 11 under 12 are exempt from Xiaomi in China was made yesterday, June 28, and security updates from Android the result for the same month. We will look at the following movement Xiaomi with this beta, and if you decide to expand it to more models in the catalog.

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