The new panel comes to replace the already gone Chrome Duet.

For many years, Google experimented with different ways to make the interface Google Chrome for mobile devices much more affordable and convenient, and, above all, the most convenient, taking into account new formats of smartphone screens. For this purpose, at the time the decision was made to deploy Chrome Duet, the format of the interface, which divided the implementation of three elements: the search bar located in the upper part, in the ” content in the center, and a second toolbar at the bottom of the screen. However, the company decided to abandon their plans to really make this redesign not many months ago.

Now Google seems to want to revive in some measure the essence of the Duo Chrome new the tab bar that, as explained in Android Policecan come very fast browser for mobile devices, after may was discovered for the first time, although that time was a hidden code, and it was not possible to activate it. Now, however, it is already possible to try this new format.

Andro4all in Chrome on a OnepLus 7T

Chrome is a web browser, the most widely used in the world on all platforms

So there is a new bookmark to Chrome

As is often the case with such functions, a new bookmark to Chrome still not enabled by default and not for everyone. To use it, you need to download the beta version of Chrome for Android to get access to the settings menu, experimental or flags browser you need to enable the option is available through the address under these verses:


If enabled, you need restart the browser to have the changes entered into force. Thus, we will see the tab bar that is displayed at the bottom of the screen browser as icons, brochures that represent each of the opened pages, and two side buttons that allow you to close the current tab or open a new one –at the moment, there is no way to close all open tabs quickly. Animated image under these lines, you can appreciate his work in more detail:

The panel in question has a structure that is very similar to the group of cards that Google has introduced in the browser some time ago, as in the version for mobile devices like Desktop Edition.

Because the parameter is hidden and is disabled by default, it is very likely that his work is not even expected by Google. In our tests we saw on the panel disappeared or not showing all open tabs in some cases. Fortunately, when it is enabled, you can disable this option easily from a menu flags browser.

In 84 version Google Chrome should be released in the coming weeks, and most likely will not have problems in its development, this new mode of navigation between the tabs included in future updates of the mobile browser, the most widely used. But in the meantime will have to settle for a beta version of Chrome available for download on Google Play Store.

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