7 iOS 14 we would like to see in Android 11

iOS 14 not only was the message a few days ago in their new products but also functions that copy Android 11, the new version of the operating system from Google. In this article, we will consider all of these possibilities. However, Android lost 11, and the absence of certain functions that, Yes, we see in iOS 14. In this article we will look at 7 features iOS 14 we would like to see in Android 11.

Widgets smart

Yes, in Android 11, we already have projects. In fact, almost from the beginning. IOS 14 has already been in the side almost does not hide. however, the new designs have features that we would like to see in Android: it is, in some sense, intelligent. This means that iOS 14 we can apply the Smart battery widgets on the home screen. That is, we can arrange multiple widgets in the same place on the screen. Example: weather widget app in the “music” app Activities… Reasonably, iOS will display the information with the help of this widget, depending on our goals.

If we go out every morning to the sport, the widget will be displayed in the activity. If after putting music on Apple Music, it will display the music widget. As with other procedures users.

The application drawer, smart…


Another feature that is already in Android, but in iOS goes a little further. Mailbox iOS app with 14, called “application Library” operates in a more smart way. Android apps are not grouped and are shown in alphabetical order. While in 14 iOS apps sorted by smart boxes. The system adapts to our ways, and sort apps into folders. So if we use the same application to be in a folder Advice.

In addition, the apps are sorted into folders automatically. The system detects if the app is related to productivity, social, entertainment, and is located in this zone automatically.

Android 11, we would like to see this: the ability of the application to sort the folders in the application bar. Your install apps in Google Play and automatically move it to the folder that corresponds to it. In addition, with a choice of whether we want to see all apps in alphabetical order or in a manner that personally I think much more understandable.

Option Safari not only we would like to see in Android 11


With IOS 14 we can see that the dog has blocked Safari to collect our data. This is one of the best choices for iOS in terms of security. And it’s not just we would like to see in Android 11, but in tododas platform that supports Google Chrome. Mainly because this feature is built into the browser. Google Chrome is the only browser that still does not show this feature. If you want to know more blocking trackers for iOS 14.

The privacy setting for iOS 14

iOS 14

iOS 14 shows a small spot at the top of the screen when the application uses some resources from the iPhone. For example, camera, microphone or location. Thus, we can know whether this application, with help if necessary (for example, when we record a voice message) or unmute the microphone, or another option, when not to do this. For example, when navigating through the interface. If deslizamos in the control center, we can see that the function is enabled.

11 Android does not work this option, and we’d like to see him in much the same way: the indicator at the top and you can see that with the help of this app, after open the notification panel.

AirPlay all iOS offers 14

Google has not yet announced its alternative to AirPlay for Android. File transfer and audio between devices works very well on iOS 14, and now offers more features with AirPods. We would like to see in Android 11 AirPlay for Android, with the ability to send content quickly from any device, even without that they are from the same manufacturer. That is what is going in the future and I hope that it will work as good as iOS.

Double-click on the back panel


One of the options more interesting, iOS 14: the ability to perform various actions using double or triple click to access several options. For example, in the control center, to take a screenshot or make a call. In the article, the best tricks for iOS 14 comments, how it works and how it is applied.

Android 11, we have the ability to perform certain actions via gestures but not this option, iOS 14, which works the same way. We would like to see something similar on Android. For example, you can choose to open the camera app with a double click. Or to access the application with triple button back.

Best support updates

I understand that iOS wins Android upgrade support. In Android only update the terminal, two or three years ago, while the iPhone 5 years ago, which are still being updated and runs very smoothly. Android 11, we would like to see further deployment of this version. Especially in the middle class phones.

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