The mine’s gold at no cost

For Electronic Arts, the Class Representative is something more than just another game in their portfolio, then the heading may become of a about intellectual property, about 1,000 million u.s. dollars, a trend that is not only shows the potential for a Battle Royale, but the inertia of the use that might be generated amongst your community, and in particular, because in order to play it, you don’t have to pay a single penny of it.

Similar to the Epic with Fortnite, or Activision with Call of Duty Game, the player will pay for the enhancements, or virtual clothes for your character or a weapon, as well as the “passing Event”, which would allow the player to unlock new accessories or skins / accents.

The model allows for companies such as Electronics Arts) to keep a steady income over a for a longer period of time, as it is as opposed to generating a big volume of the sales of the game, on a single occasion, with the Apex of the age AND you can sell accessories, clothes, and the end of the battle, in a regular manner at the lowest price, but for the first time.

A game can be the key to keeping alive the experience of the Notre-Dame cathedral.

And to go with the model that has been successful. Although the EA does not report the income to the direct Apex of the age, in its latest financial report for the fiscal year-end of 2020, to incorporate such income in the category of Live Services in the last quarter of the year, has recorded 789 million, a decrease of 7% compared to the 845 million inpatients in the same period of the previous year.

Blake J. Jorgensen, CFO of Electronics Arts has confirmed that the decline was mainly due to the huge success of the Apex Thread, in 2019, and maintained the estimation in which both the Apex and The Sims 4 will close the fiscal year with sales of about 300 million to 400 million u.s. dollars.

The revenue that the company did not think to see you soon. Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronics Arts has confirmed that the bet is stated by the Legends well-it could extend over a decade or so.

“We think of games, with a time horizon of five years or six years. In the Sims, which was released five years ago, continues to grow with new content or Live Services. And then we have games that are actually platforms, and we hope that you will continue to grow over the next ten years,” Wilson told analysts.

As the lead designer of the game, Jason McCord has confirmed that it has a lot of material to work with for all the fans of the game.

“The Apex Thread is a Battle Royal, and whose distinguishing feature is that their characters have a story and a history. We have a lot of the things that we want to incorporate into your play through of the story, the legends, and the new elements to the game. We are not limited by your ideas, and I can tell you that we are testing for the season to seven, eight, nine, and up to (11), we have a lot of ideas that I want to take you to all the players,” said McCord.


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