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Some of the leakages to ensure that the so-called OnePlus-Z would be the same as the previously rumorado OnePlus 8 In Lite version.


OnePlus wants to go back to his roots in offering the phones and economic projections, and in order to achieve this, the company should develop a mobile phone which would take the name OnePlus-Z or the OnePlus Nordand, if you feel such as a mobile phone premiumbut it would be economical, maybe even around$350.

Look at this:

The cheap OnePlus the Z-filter with the date of the premiere

3:54 pm

In a rare account in Instagram by the name of OnePlus Lite, Z-shot, the sound of the rumorado mobile OnePlus-Z or the OnePlus Nord, it is a reality.

Apparently, the promotional images for this account have been issued by mistake, and that’s it’s private and doesn’t show any picture. And as long as you can, about whether or not it was official, Pete Lau, president of OnePlus, mentioned in an article in the the forum of the company. Then, the executive says that it is a new beginning, as a phone it’s cheap, but with a twist premium.

Some sources say that the phone is sold on June 30th and the other July 10th. The phone will be very similar to what we’ve seen in the past as the OnePlus 8-Lite,

Technically, the phone would have a Snapdragon processor, 765, 6GB of RAM, a screen of a 6.55-inch display with a refresh rate of 90Hz, twin rear camera, and a battery of a 4,300 mAh battery, all for a price tag of between$350 and$500.

Motorola’s Edge-Lite

We have tested the Motorola’s Edge-Plus in a beautiful blue color, and also the Motorola’s Edge in a beautiful red, and when you think that it would only be those two phones on this line from Motorola…. we arrived on a sorpresita.

New rumors to ensure that the Motorola will be holding an event on July 7th in Europe, and all signs seem to indicate that it could be a new version called the Motorola Edge-Lite, which would have a screen of only 6.7 inches, the four cameras of front and rear quick-charge an 18-watt, and, possibly, also a handy button to your Google Assistant.

The Galaxy Note, with a 20-megacámara

Samsung is still giving you what to talk about with a The Galaxy, Note 20the other release, which we believe is just around the corner. The last one the rumor also confirms the data from the camera to the 108-megapixel images.

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In addition to this, this week put out gloves on we get to see how it would be on the way to the back of the device in question is 20 and the like, would be the camera in the rectangle, which is an indication of what will follow in the line of Galaxy-S-20.

Huawei is in trouble again

Finally, this week I want to talk about Huawei. The company is now bringing the Huawei P40 Pro Plus for most countries, and the reviews are positive, and EMUI 10.1 it is coming to more mobile phones, and that is also a good one.

However, the good news, you’ve seen the opacadas this week, a new report from the government’s Trump, which ensures that Huawei is backed by the chinese government, which would open the door for further sanctions, not only Raising, but also up to a total of 20 companies in the country.


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