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The series Azure Striker Gunvolt he has earned a spot on the taste of the players, especially the fans Mega Man. After 2 successful deliveries, and a few spin-offs, and the franchise is ready to come back.

Inti Creates and Keiji Inafune announced today that they have Azure Striker Gunvolt Is 3in the next edition of the master in the series. For the developer, and the creative has unveiled the first details of the project, which is on its way, for the time being, only the original Switch.

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What we do know Azure Striker Gunvolt Is 3

Inafune has shared, for the time being, a release window, it confirmed that the development of the Azure Striker Gunvolt Is 3 it started just recently. The creative is excited to be returning to the series after the 4 years of the release of the title’s past.

The designer of the Mega Man he said that since the beginning of the series, he has collaborated with Inti Creates as a supervisor. The creative is going to occupy the same position in the development of the Azure Striker Gunvolt Is 3.

Inti Creates has ensured that this is a true sequel to the Azure Striker Gunvolt (2014, 3DS), and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (In 2016, the 3DS). Inafune will be working with the managing director Yoshihisa Tsuda in order to offer to the fans of both waited for.

“We’re just getting started with the development of the game, but we’ll be updating fans with new information about the game as soon as possible. Please wait for future announcements,” said the company. Below, here’s the first trailer for the title:

Inafune took the opportunity to introduce the Series, one of the new characters that will be in the Azure Striker Gunvolt Is 3. It also has powers to Septimal, which will allow you to seal away the abilities of other characters. To combat it, Kirin will use throughout the special, and a sword. Of course, Gunvolt will be coming back as a main character, and his distinctive style of fighting.

Azure Striker Gunvolt Is 3 it is already in development for the wii Router. Here you will find all the news related to the series.



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