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The Last of Us: Part II it arrived last week, in the midst of a huge controversy. This will not prevent the series to have a future in one form or another, since it is the official you will need a series for HBO. At the moment, it has not been confirmed who will be part of the squad, but Troy Baker, a voice actor who gives life to the Joel in the video game, you already have a favorite for the role.

In a conversation with a Collider (via Tomatazos), Baker talked about his role as Joel, he pointed out that he had already taken as far as he could. It is for this reason that it is expected that there will be an actor who is able to give you a completely different side to Joel, so that when you show up to where you can lelgar to the character.

“All I want is for Joel, I’ve done it. I have taken him to the prophet Joel, as far as I could. I’ve done the same in the first half. The same in the second half. That was my job, move to that character in so far as it could be. I kind of get carried away, is to find someone who can give me a completely different side of joey, and to show how far you can get with this character. (…) A friend, and I’m not a stranger to be pre-existing. I Was Batman [en doblaje]. I mean, how many people have been Batman in a way, terrible, amazing? In the Wild, and the same thing. More people have walked on the moon, which they found in the Wild. And that’s a fact, cool, cool … you probably just invented.

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Baker wants Josh Brolin to be the prophet Joel in the HBO series

But what, then, is the actor, Troy Baker, would you like to see playing Joel, in the The Last of Us for HBO? According to him, it would be an honor, Josh Brolin, best known for his roles in the Deadpol 2 and Avengers: Theit is a live action version of Joel.

In fact, in the conversation, mr. Baker told him that any time he had the opportunity to meet up with Brolin, and he said that their work has been very influential in his career. In addition, he said that he would like to see Joel in a live action version of the The Last of Us.

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“I remember being at the airport in Los Angeles, and Josh Brolin was in it, and we were all together in the waiting room, and I approached him. And I said, ‘Dude, I highly doubt that you will be aware of this, but you and me we made a movie. He has been doing, with No Place for the Weak, and I was working on a western. And I said, “You and I both know, you take a drink, pass a good night”. He said, ” I Think I remember that,’ I said, ‘don’t do it, because I know how much you had to drink it all. And I said, ‘do you have a game that is going to come out. And I want you to know that, for me, a large part of his work has been highly influential’. And it really was. And I said, ‘If you ever receive a link to a character named Joel, and it would be an honor for me, and I think that if you enriquecerĂ­as interpretation of the character,” he said.

And you, what actor would you like to see playing Joel, in the The Last of Us? Let us know in the comments.

The Last of Us: Part II it is available for the PlayStation 4. You can see more about this game if you do, you can click here.


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