Epic Games, in the past, she has worked with a number of companies.

On the partnership of transformers, with Fortnite is mentioned in the first film, with enlargements for the past year. Along with the new season comes back with a vengeance. Now, it seems that to the world with bob-the bob appeared in the Movie Store.

It is clear that, at this point, there is no confirmation of co-operation in addition to the fact that it is sponge bob square pants, this is the same shop that Fortnite.

Fortnite X Sponge Bob Square Pants?

The first serious speculation on this subject has appeared with the advent of the graphic, a promo 3 for season 2 of this chapter. The system of the palm and the island’s very closely tied to the player exactly how gąbczastym each other.

Up to now, however, it does not show anything, what would you be preaching co-operation. In fact, it should be pointed out that in the Movie Store, that is, with the production of bob-bob.

The question is, in fact, at some point in season 3 we’ll see, skin, bob,-bob, or something in extra from the world? As with the majority of it gives you a chance, at the end of the day, the Movie repeatedly promoted in a wide range of performances is over Fortnite.

The file has many hard-coded skin, and can be found in the game, they are not suitable for the square in the form of a “Sponge”. If the Movie plans for this co-operation, and this is the first of his signs, we should be seeing in the next week for an update.


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