It seems that the Dragon is planning to introduce a new package of V-Bucks.

Leakerzy reported that Epic Games is working on a new package, with the toll on the currency in a Fortnite. A lot, but what is constant is the change, enter a new value in the in-game store.

It seems that the developers are fond of to encourage the player to purchase a predetermined number of V-Bucks.

The new offer is in-store and V-Dolcami

In the meantime, you can purchase these amounts of points:

Before this, however, is a little bit different. There was a time the chance to purchase V-Bucks for 239.99, which has a 6000 + 1500 bonus. And the like you’ll find in the game.

According to the leaks, in-store, you will be added to the new proposal for the 6000 V-Dolcami and in the 1800’s as a bonus. In total, 7.800 points. However, we do not know how much it will cost. You can expect that it’s going to be about 200 to 250 roubles.


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