A new case of sexual abuse, the insane wave of accusations in the gaming industry

MADRID (Portaltic/EP).-Gaming lives over the past few days, a wave of accusations by women who count on social networking to have suffered from sexual abuse from men in the industry, and tradea trend started by many of the cases that’s controversial in-studio Games and platform, Twitch.

In the case of the streaming games, to on Wednesday to have been made in the more than 200 complaints to the public from individuals who claim to have suffered some form of sexual abuse, how to collect a document that was created by the stream american Jessica Richey.

Richey, who began to collect these testimonies in June, with the purpose of the store,” he says, which are on a list of ‘ stories of harassment, abuse and assault survivors in the industry streaming“.

These talks had started in the last few days, and after that trascendieran cases, such as Omeed Dariani, chief executive officer of the group trade An Online Performance GroupOPG).

Here’s the Fender american convention on human rights, which is responsible for the development of a community of Overwatch, he alleged that, when you Dariani worked for Sony in 2014 and the violence during the convention of video games, and coerced into having sex with him and his wife, with the threat of terminating in a ‘black list’, if not before.

Originally Diariani has denied the allegations, but finally admitted that he believes that the release of the american convention on human rights, and ended up announcing his resignation as the chief executive officer of the company, streamingand then , after so many layoffs in the company, he asked “so do not destroy it by their actions for the welfare of their employees.

In other cases, known in the industry as they are both from the Tone of His Cassell, stream Counter-Strike, is terminated by force-to keep having sex with her ex-husband or wife; and the Lono SayNoToRage, a player of Destiny 2, reported the harassment on the part of many amateurs.

In response, the platform of the streaming the games on Twitch, is also affected by the scandal, he has studied the “most serious cases” of child sexual abuse and has been suspended, permanently, to the officers, as he said in a statement.

However, the platform ensures that it is still studying what measures should be taken and reported to the authorities and, in some cases, the harassment of women, was held outside of Twitch.

Ubisoft and Techland

The rest of the industry, the video game has also been in the field of dispute settlement relating to sexual harassment of women, and the other for all the cases, the most prominent is the one from Ashraf Ismail, the creative director of Assassin’s Creed Legend, who works at Ubisoft.

Ashraf Ismail, resigned from her job in the Games after admitting that he had been unfaithful to his wife with several different women with whom he kept up relationships, lying about the fact that he was married.

Chris Avellone, a designer, and a writer of video games that had been working on the study, Techland, and the title is in development, Dying Light 2, it was shown by the allegations of harassment of a emborrachar women to have sex with any of them.

“Do not accept this type of behavior, or our own employees or outside consultants,” said Techland, which has been discontinued and the developer.


However, the problem of the sexual abuse of women in the videogame industry have already been reported in previous situations with the preceding, such as well-known as “Gamergate”.

In 2014, there was a campaign of persecution against a number of developers of computer games, and the women in the industry who have been subjected to threats of rape and death by a group of users on Twitter using the hashtag #GamerGate. The five publishers that were deleted from Wikipedia in 2015 and to give you your own page on this very topic with a feminist approach.

They were also prominent in the accusations against Riot Games. By 2018, the company is responsible for League of Legends faced with a demand for collective incurs in the practice of discrimination on the grounds of sex and sexual harassment for both men and women.


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